You are smart. You know what it takes to get ahead in your field, and you have that cute sparkle in your eye when you talk about your passions. But does your home and especially your kitchen reflect your good taste, your love of life, of good food and good company? You might have already noticed, and tried to make things right, but no matter how hard you try, you still struggle to find the right look, the right appliances and the right style. You swap one look for another; try to visualize what that new fridge from the big box store will look like, but for the life of it all, you just can’t seem to get that kitchen décor right. Something just doesn’t work right.

Let’s have a look at a few tips that can turn your blah kitchen into a sparkling one.


This is a key factor when trying to choose new kitchen appliances.  Most kitchens are about 200-square-feet. But these may also have other barriers such as walls, cabinets or cupboards. So you need to consider these when considering the size of the appliances you want.



This is generally the largest appliance in your kitchen, so you want to make sure you get the right size and fit.  It’s important that you consider the type of refrigerator that best fits in with your style as there are five different types to choose from:

Top Freezers which have a capacity of anywhere from 10-to-22 cubic feet and a width of 23-to-36 inches. These refrigerators measure anywhere from 60 to 69-inches tall.
Side-By-Side. These have an 18-to-28 cubic feet capacity and a width of between 28-to-34 inches and an approximate height of 66-to-69 inches.
The French Door has a capacity of 20-to-25 cubic feet and a width of 32 to 36 inches with a height of about 68-to-70 inches
Counter Depth refrigerators are meant to fit into your counter seamlessly. They have a 15-to-25 cubic feet and are somewhere between 68 to 71 inches high.

When choosing that refrigerator make sure the style you like fits in your kitchen easily, offering enough room to open the doors all the way. You don’t want the refrigerator to be an obstacle in your getting around your own kitchen.


When choosing a stove you want to choose one that matches the color of your other appliances. In other words, if you have only chosen your refrigerator, be sure to get one that is in the same color as that new refrigerator. Stoves also come in a variety of sizes, so you want to purchase this kitchen appliance according to the size of your kitchen, but also one that fits your needs.

Most stoves are about 47-to-48 inches high, that is when measuring from the floor to the top of the backsplash. When measuring from the floor to the top of the cooking surface, this height is usually 36-inches.  Free-standing stoves are 30-inches wide, 25-inches deep and 47 inches height.  Standard stoves have four burners, but gourmet range can have up to eight burners and two to three ovens. They can also include both a standard oven and microwave.

When choosing a stove, you’ll also want to decide on whether you want an electric or gas range. Your choice is a personal one, but if you are a real foodie you may decide you want a dual fuel range which uses either gas or electricity to cook.



You don’t always have to decide on a freestanding stove. In some cases you may just want a cooktop.  The standard size for these is about 30-to-36 inches.



Too often this is the forgotten kitchen appliance.  Believe it or not, but there are actually many styles to the vent hood, which can make it a bit complicated to choose the right one.


If you decide to go with a simple cooktop that is encrusted into your cabinetry, then you’ll also want a wall oven. The wall oven can be a single or double, gas or electric oven. They usually come in 24, 27 or 30-inch widths.