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Simple Kitchen and Bath was founded in 1999. Since that time we have been serving the Greater Philadelphia area with a single purpose: provide every customer with practical and contemporary bath or kitchen design that is both stylish and functional. 
We are dedicated to finding and providing products from manufacturers who incorporate recyclable and ethical materials in their manufacturing process. We believe it’s important to find ways to protect the environment through energy efficient fixtures eco-friendly processes. 
As knowledgeable experts we work with the best manufacturers from around the world to provide you with the highest quality and functionality that goes hand in hand with luxurious design and your personal style. 
Our team of designers is recognized as the best in the industry of modern, contemporary, and traditional kitchen and bath designs in Philadelphia, PA. They have the broad knowledge of international products available on the market to create unique design that suits your needs and taste. 
Our experienced designers can transform your living space into a luxurious retreat that is designed around your personal taste and living. If you can imagine it – we can create it. 
Contact us today and discover how easily and affordably you can have your dream kitchen or bathroom. (215) 238-1800. 


Aster Cucine

Simple Kitchen and Bath is proud to work, create and design kitchens with Aster Cucine. Aster Cucine creates kitchens as kitchens are at the heart of every home, the one piece you can never be without, but Aster have taken things a step further. 
Aster Cucine made in Italy, "Why made in Italy ?", precisely because it is Italians,  because it is simply not true that anything “made in Italy” will necessarily be beautiful, that is how Aster see it. Their Italian design is born out of its own culture, their history and their ability to work with different materials, and to do justice to the full potential of each material shaping it into different forms. 
Simple Kitchen and Bath offers Aster kitchens for its technical quality of cutting-edge technology, excellent mechanisms, lacquering, and even the choice selection of the woods used in Aster Cucine collections all speak volumes when it comes to showing what they mean by great value and top quality.
Simple Kitchen and Bath and Aster Cucine clients take their kitchens as starting points when they design their houses. Aster kitchen collections can guide and inspire clients in the design of every room of their homes and Simple Kitchen and Bath can bring the finish point to the excellent completion. Which is what makes Simple Kitchen and Bath work and Aster kitchen designs such great value. Simple Kitchen and Bath and Aster Cucine clients expect top quality goods. 
When Simple Kitchen and Bath offers buying Aster Cucine cabinets it means buying into a whole multi-sensorial experience, where everything from Aster catalogs to Simple Kitchen and Bath showroom, from the references to history and art make the choice and the experience of buying something truly exceptional.
Designing, creating and selling goods with an ethical approach is something Simple Kitchen and Bath and Aster Cucine take very seriously. 
In the natural world there’s no such thing as waste. Every single thing, every element in the natural world, or deriving from it, once it has finished its natural cycle returns to its origins and is reabsorbed. This is the most important lesson that nature can teach us, and it a lesson that Aster Cucine chooses to follow all of its manufacturing choices. Making and using goods and products that can be reabsorbed back into the environment without harming it natural balance once they have finished their working lives.


Created in 1978 as a  family factory GB group has been experienced a constant evolution during the last 35 years, making it nowadays strongly present and appreciated in the national and international market. Simple Kitchen and Bath brings the production of GBGroup bathroom furniture from Italy with the greatest care in all the manufacturing  processes: from the selection of raw materials to the research of shapes and designs, from the quality of the product to the manufacturing system, recalling the handicraft values, as well as the most performing industrial techniques. The research of the perfect style is pursued by the design office through the cooperation with young architects, who always keep a watchful eye on the new bathroom furnishing  tendencies. Simple Kitchen and Bath and GB products, thanks to the handicraft production and the modern style, are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Its range is constantly widen with new collections that reflect the necessities of an evolving market. The aim of the factory GB is the creation of a high range product with a good quality/price ratio but its aim is also to give priority and importance to reliability and service


Simple Kitchen and Bath can offer the best prices for the best bathroom vanities for any style and space. Simple Kitchen and Bath is proud to work with MADELI. 
Madeli Italian influenced designs are timeless and stylish while maintaining the functionality demanded by today’s educated and discriminating consumers. Madeli Bath Vanities are manufactured around the concept that design, function and value are decisive considerations in consumer purchasing decisions. Maximizing functionality is one of the key guiding principles. Only the highest-grade materials used and the most reliable brand hardware available to the industry such as Blum and Grasshopper. The wood finishes feature furniture grade plywood layered with solid wood veneer inside-out and protected by several layers of polyurethane coating for durability, waterproofing and peace of mind. Soft-closing motion-hardware for doors and for full-extension drawers is a standard feature on all Madeli products, including all medicine cabinets. Combining the newest technology standards into its manufacturing processes along with traditional craftsmanship and rigorous inspections by its QAET Teams (Onsite Quality Assurance Engineering Teams), Simple Kitchen and Bath and Madeli assures the consumer that only the finest quality products will be delivered to their home.


Simple Kitchen and Bath is proud to work with Bertolotto Porte. Bertolotto Porte SpA is an Italian company that is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of interior doors. They are produced in both classic and modern styles and feature environmentally-friendly high-tech designs that provide high levels of quality, and durability over time. Bertolotto doors are made entirely in Italy, built with premium materials, created in exclusive models and using artisanal processes that are proudly Italian. The quality of a product begins with selecting the best raw materials. All the elements that come together to create one of the doors are the result of a meticulous selection process. The best lumber, water-based lacquer, open-pore brushed finishes, safety glass decorated with exclusive designs, and handles with elegant lines are the hallmarks of a product made with care. 
Simple Kitchen and Bath can help to design an entire home for any style so our clients can feel a strong connection to their homes. Simple Kitchen and Bath offers a great variety of interior doors made by Bertolotto, beyond being a purely functional element, can also be considered interior furnishings in and of themselves, with great aesthetic and architectural value. The style that distinguishes a home is reflected in the choice of each of its elements, whether they are pieces of furniture, flooring, ceramics in the bathroom, a structure, or a frame.
Four elements that characterize the choice of an interior door: the model of the door, the type of opening, the frame, and the color and finish. Add the accessories, and the door is ready to come to your home.
The prestige of Bertolotto products appears consistently in major newspapers, magazines, and Italian and foreign interior design and architecture websites, as well as trade publications in the technical wood and frame sector.


Simple Kitchen and Bath likes custom made products. Modi-Home creates Custom made Modern Closets which can provide a nice and clean touch to the homes and Simple Kitchen and Bath will deliver, design and install the closets to fit your space.
 Modu-Home was created to offer a modular shelving system that is able to adapt to residential or commercial spaces. Every piece is uniquely designed and engineered, offering an exceptional line of aluminum-based furniture that combine contemporary elegance, clean, pure lines and exquisite craftsmanship. 
The system is a combination of aluminum posts and shelves that are designed to fit your space and provide a modern look by composing units such as: Modern Closets, Shelving Units, Tv Entertainment Centers and Workstations. Simple Kitchen and Bath will help to create your own ideas and make them real with our Furniture of Endless Possibilities.


Founded in 1917 by  two brothers, the family-owned Spanish company has created an international business network spanning more than 80 countries including operating 75 factories in 18 different countries. With almost a century of history, today, Roca Tile USA is a world-wide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing of high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile under four brands Roca, United States Ceramic Tile, and Incepa. 
Simple Kitchen and Bath is proud to have Roca Tile in our showroom. The product range offers solutions for all types of uses, from the rustic elements to the high resistance floor tiles, covering single colors, marble, decorated tiles and complements.
Simple Kitchen and Bath and Roca Tile USA are offer superior quality products, in order to satisfy all customer needs in residential, industrial and public installations.