Face it, there just comes a time when you wish you could snap your fingers and have an instant bathroom renovation done. You look at your old bathroom and realize again that the fixtures are old, dull looking and rusted, that the shower is old and the sink has that yellowish tinge to it.

Truth is after about 20 years, any bathroom needs a change. But running out to the nearest bathroom fixture showroom is only going to get you more confused. You certainly don’t want to buy something that won’t fit in with the new bathroom or won’t give you the stylish look you want. So to help you along with your bathroom renovation project, we’ve come up with a few tips that can make a world of difference.

Step 1: Dream It Up

Go in and take a good look at your bathroom. Look at the size; compare the style to the décor in the adjoining room. Consider the bathroom renovation changes you want to make, but think of feasibility too. Will a large vanity really work in that smallish bathroom?  Do you really need to redo everything? Or can you just make a few changes that will make an incredible difference.

Analyze your lifestyle. You may dream of having a French bidet but could that space be better used for something that is more functional?

Create an inspiration file. Fill it with ideas, materials and finishes. Look through design magazines; home renovation websites like Houzz. Fit the pieces together and you’ll see a pattern or style that begins to emerge.

Thinking your bathroom renovation through, can mean the difference between a decent home bathroom renovation and a great one.

Step 2: Plan

It’s great when you can afford everything on your wish list, but that just isn’t always possible. Most people have to work within a certain budget when planning out a bathroom renovation project. If you plan on staying in the same home for several more years, then you might consider budgeting a large amount of money for that renovation. Even so, you want to be realistic, especially when seeking a loan for the renovation. Lenders have a specific amount in mind, so you want to stick to that budget, and remember renovations often go 10-20% over budget.

And here is a piece of advice you really want to take to heart. Just because you are working within a budget, doesn’t mean you want to hire an inexperience or shoddy contractor for your bathroom renovation project. You’ll want to hire a professional to help you with your renovation project. Your brother’s nephew just isn’t going to cut it. And in 9 out of 10 times, when you go this route, that personal friend is going to drop the ball and leave you hanging.

Step 3: Design it

Now that you’ve done your research and hired a competent and professional bathroom remodeling contractor, you can finally sit down and design the floor plan together. This is where you really begin to see the change; you get to really visualize the space as it will really look. At this point you can work out the minor details, customizing the design to reflect your personality.

Step 4: Shop

Once you know what you want the bathroom to look like, and you know what your budget is, you can start choosing the materials and finishes you want for that gorgeous bathroom. Take the plans and your photos with you whenever you go shopping as this will keep you on track with the style and look you want for your bathroom renovation project.

Step 5: Create

This is the most exciting part of the renovation; it’s where all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Just make sure you keep in contact with your contractor, set up a date of completion and follow along in the different phases of the renovation project.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom renovation project is fun, but it’s not a project to be rushed into. You need to take your time and understand what decorative elements you want. Figure out what you like and what you don’t, then talk to a professional  renovator and work together to get the finalized bathroom renovation you want.