You are so proud of your home. You show it off at every minute. But just as you want your friends to see your great sense of style, you do everything possible to steer them clear of that bathroom.

You know the one I’m talking about. This is that one room of the house that looks really terrible. The vanity is so old and dilapidated that you wish you could throw a towel over it and pretend it didn’t exist.

Wait maybe this could work. Think about it; can you point that vanity out and tell a story about how you found it in a wonderful antique shop on your last trip to Louisiana. Hmm, probably not.

Don’t worry

You are not alone, many homeowners, with gorgeous homes, have bathroom décor problems. Still, there really is no good for having an antiquated bathroom. Face it. That vanity is old and either, you have to “Grin and bear it,” or better yet, go out and find a new vanity to revamp and stylize the bathroom.  To help you along the road to better bathroom style, we’ve put together a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity.

Size of the Bathroom

Although you can choose a vanity based on anything that catches your eye, you’ll probably want to consider the size of the room. This will usually dictate the size of the vanity you choose, and you certainly don’t want to buy a vanity that is over-large or undersized for the room.

The Powder Room


This is the smallest room in the house, so you certainly don’t want to overwhelm it with a large vanity. Remember, this is not a room you use for bathing, so you won’t have a lot of storage needs either.  All you need here is a small vanity that holds one sink and a small countertop.

Guest Bathroom Vanities


Visitors use the guest bathroom when staying in your home, so counter space for this room isn’t a high priority, but still it should be of adequate size, especially considering, the guest bedroom may sometimes have to accommodate more than two people. The vanity for this bathroom should accommodate the clutter and bathing essential’s that guests bring with them on their trip, so if possible you want to use a 60-inch vanity that can hold two sinks. 

Master Bathroom Vanities

This is the hub of you and your partner’s daily routine, so you want to make the master bathroom as functional as possible. Here you’ll want a vanity with lots of storage room and enough space for two sinks. The style should be one that flows in from the bedroom. In other words, the style should accentuate or go with that of the bedroom, making the room look larger and more inviting.  So, for example, you could use a floating vanity which will offer the illusion of open space, or you could go for a cozier look by using furniture styled vanity.

Consider Style

The style of the vanity should be in keeping with the style of the home. Of course, you can also contrast it slightly for a more focused effect. But you don’t want it so different from the rest of the home furnishings that it sticks out like a sore thumb.  For instance, if your home has a craftsman styled look, you can’t really use a glitzy and high tech minimalist vanity. Instead you want to choose something more appropriate, maybe something that leans towards a clean lined Shaker style vanity. Remember, the reverse is also true, an old world style vanity may not work well if your home is all brushed steel, and high-gloss enamel. Look at the style you’ve used throughout the house and use the same stylish good looks for the bathroom vanity you choose.