Growing up in a farmhouse was an unforgettable experience. I can remember sitting in the combined kitchen, laundry room watching my mother make a pie for the dinner party she planned on hosting.

Her favorite part of the day, she said; “Taking off the apron, putting on lipstick and joining the party in the dining room.” Well today, it appears as if other women have jumped on board; deciding that the kitchen, cooking and the work should remain separate from the entertainment. That’s why more homeowners are either remodeling and adding separate kitchens or buying homes with a separate kitchen area.

Unlike the takeout aficionados, people that really like to cook, and especially those that enjoy entertaining, are now deciding that they would prefer a closed kitchen instead of an open one.

Not long ago, it was the open kitchen and dining area that was the norm. But today, that’s changing. Some homeowners are choosing to bring back that older style; the one of the closed separate kitchen and the formal dining room. These are the gracious spaces of the prewar designed home; a style that is now making a great comeback, and for good reason too:

Out of Sight Out of mind

The primary advantage to separate kitchens is that you don’t have to impose the dirty dishes onto guests. Additionally, you don’t have to run and hide behind the sink, washing everything up quickly so guests don’t have to continually see the remnants of their dinner. The problem with that is you don’t get to enjoy the party as much as you’d like.

So what is the solution for homeowners who enjoy entertaining? Well, that of having the kitchen separate from the dining and living area, of course.

Actually real estate agents across the nation seem to be hearing the “dirty dishes” story a lot these days, as more and more future homeowners request homes with separate kitchens.


Separate kitchens also trigger fond memories of comfort foods, of time spent with mothers and grandmothers preparing great meals, of special aromas wafting out into the formal dining area. They bring fond memories of family, kitchen work and then entertaining in the separate dining area.

Separate kitchen homes offer charm and are more appropriate for home cooking and for entertainment.  These homes offer added spaciousness, yet also more privacy and living spaces for the different activities you do.

Size Matters

Of course the most important consideration when remodeling or building a home; and in trying to decide on a closed or open kitchen floor plan is size. If you have the space, then a closed kitchen can be ideal. It offers privacy, added workspace, and additional living space for your activities.

Bottom Line

Keep an open mind when shopping for a new home, or even when renovating an older one. Consider a home with a closed kitchen, or consider keeping the existing closed kitchen when remodeling. Remember a closed kitchen does offer several distinct advantages; privacy, a separate work area, the keeping of kitchen and living spaces separate.