Imagine walking into a spa like room. Opening a contemporary glass door and taking a thoroughly relaxing shower.

Used to be, you could only get this type of luxury at a hotel or spa…but now you can have it in your own home.

Truth is a contemporary and well-designed bathroom is a great place to let the stress and let the cares of the world wash away. A luxurious bathroom is a place for contemplation and meditation. It’s an escape from stress, from pain and from fatigue. And one of the most important elements in a modern-day bathroom is a beautiful showering area.

In today’s bathroom, a contemporary shower is more than just a shower head stuck to a wall, and then covered by a shower curtain; it offers luxury, beauty and a relaxing comfort unequaled in any other room in the house.

So how do you add a trendy shower to your bathroom?

Well there are actually a number of ways to add contemporary styling to your shower. Check out some of the following ideas and see if any might work with your current bathroom décor.

Living Walls

This is a new trend, one with a lot of green appeal. This is a vertical structure where potting soil and fresh indoor plants are added. Granted, it’s a stylish look that may be a little complicated but when done right can look breathtaking.  A living wall placed as a shower wall can add vibrancy and life to your bathroom. Certainly this is a new trend that seems to be drawing attention for designers and architects around the world.

Open Walk In Shower

For a truly luxurious look, consider an open layout. This is a custom built walk-in shower with a huge ceiling monsoon shower. This is a spa inspired option that offers an owner a walk in option, ideal for larger bathrooms where this type of shower style has enough space.

Glass Enclosed Shower

Nothing adds more elegance to a bathroom than a glass enclosed shower. It is a functional and decorative element that can make any bathroom stand out and become a real focal point in the room. Glass adds elegance and that ultra-modern look that homeowners like.

Add Custom Tile Patterns

Add custom patterns to your shower area, you can add a mosaic pattern or use a special type of tile that differs from the rest of the room, but one that also accentuates the rest of the décor.

Use Natural Materials

Lately natural has made a real come back. Use natural sandstone, clay, slate or stone tiles for shower flooring. Add natural wood beams to shower ceiling. You can even create a natural stone shower base from something as simple and elegant as an antique Mexican fountain base.

Copper Fixtures are back

Copper is certainly making a comeback and when it comes to modern day shower fixtures and handles this is prettier than ever.  Copper shower fixtures come in a variety of looks and styles. You can also combine them with other copper lighting fixtures, sinks and other bathroom accessories.

Use Recessed Lighting

Add recessed lighting to the ceiling and use a light-colored shower wall, as this creates a more inviting and brighter shower area. Besides lighter tiles are easier to clean, but if you insist use darker tiles for accent rows.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of shower style ideas, and these are only limited by your imagination. Still, you do want the styling of your shower to be in keeping with the rest of the bathroom décor. Look through different websites, and magazines to find a stylish option that works in your bathroom. Just be sure to consult with your designated contractor to see how that style will work in your bathroom.