What are some good storage solutions for small kitchens? Actually there are very many good ideas when it comes to storing items in your small kitchen. First of all you will need to figure out what you really need, without sacrificing convenience and style. Is your kitchen playing too many roles for the space you have? Do you have an extra room that is a dining room? Is your kitchen acting as an entertainment and gathering area? It might be that you need to down size and have the kitchen act as only a kitchen.

There are many convenient storage ideas that not only will help you with your storage solutions, but will also add decor to your small kitchen. Before beginning your storage solution plan, help yourself to vision your kitchen to look as large as it can. This will make you feel like you have more room. Are the colors in your kitchen ones that make a space appear larger? Another good idea would be to add as many reflective surfaces as you can, such as mirrors. Sometimes an optical illusion in the form of a mural might be a good idea. Remove items not frequently used to another area of the house, such as picnic items and cookbooks. Picnic items can go into attic, or hallway closet. Cookbooks can go on a book shelf. Things that you store away, keep track of in a little notebook which you can easily store in a kitchen drawer. If you need to have a table in your kitchen, use benches which double as storage space. Always stay organized and compact. If you use storage containers make sure they are labeled. The stuff you use most should be easily accessible.

Shelving and Other Valuable Storing Solutions for Your Small Kitchen

Shelving comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be covered or left open. Flour and other dry goods such as pastas can look quite decorative in large clear gallon size jars. Actually you can probably store some of these dry goods in large wooden kegs set on the floor as an alternative, and they would also look quite decorative. Shelving can be narrow or it can be wide. You can paint it any color to match your kitchen decor. If you have a rustic kitchen you can have rustic shelving. You can even put shelving over kitchen windows. Use all of your space. You will be surprised how much space you actually have. The possibilities are many. Be creative. Other good ideas for storage could include the following:

• Pots and Pans- Pots and pans look great hung up. A really spectacular way of doing this is to hang them from your ceiling. They can be quite decorative. Cast Iron pots and pans look really great, especially over a kitchen island, if your small kitchen has one. A decorative wrought iron hanging fixture would look really hot, depending upon the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen is ultra modern, you might try a hanging rack made of stainless steel material, and slide your pots and pans into slots. You could use any metal material, and custom paint it to match your kitchen.

• Coffee and Breakfast Station- Try using a near by hall way or a pantry for your coffee and breakfast station and a place to store miscellaneous small appliances.

• Fold Out Work Areas- Another good idea is to have an extra place to do kitchen work is to have a section that folds out from your wall on hinges. This could also serve as a place to write recipes, or grab a quick snack. Set a few stools near the area to sit on. You could actually use kegs as your stools and store extra linens and stuff in them.

A Place For Everything When It Comes To Storage Solutions in a Small Kitchen

The main key for lots of room in a small kitchen would be organization and a place for everything. Be creative, and decide what you really need in your small kitchen when it comes to good storage solution ideas.