What kitchen floors create the most comfort for you when you are cooking in your kitchen? It can get very tiring, and your feet can actually hurt after standing for long periods on certain floors. Concrete is a good example, its very durable, can look great and is used in most commercial kitchens. A lot of the commercially established kitchens are beginning to find that they get better production and happier workers with a change of kitchen flooring materials.

What Is the Best Flooring for Kitchen Comfort?

There are a few really good options for comfortable kitchen flooring. You can do part of your kitchen floor in these choices or do the whole floor. Sometimes a rubber mat will cure the problem of lack of flexibility and cushioning beneath your feet. Small strongly built carpet type rugs might also help in the various work stations. Lets have a look at some of the best options for comfort on your feet while cooking and doing work in the kitchen.

• Rubber- Rubber flooring is becoming increasingly popular both in residential kitchens and standard commercial work places. It really is not as expensive as one would think, especially for limited areas such as your kitchen. It is very durable, easy to maintain, water resistant, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit most any decor. This would be a top choice for kitchen work areas when it comes to comfort on the feet. You can get rubber flooring in tile forms or sheeting to cut to specific areas.

• Cork- Cork is also an excellent choice when it comes to comfort for the feet in the kitchen area. It is in the top with rubber floor, as a choice, because of its ability to bounce back and give when stepped on. It also is very durable and comes in a variety of styles for your beautiful kitchen decor. Cork is an excellent choice for any floor in your home as it is a substance that is completely renewable. It comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, and grows back when harvested without hurting the tree. If you like to “Go Green” and use natural building products then this is the choice for you. It also looks amazing! It usually come in tiles or planks for easy installation.

• Carpet- There are certain carpets which would be perfect for the work areas of your kitchen. You can match it perfectly with any other type of flooring, including the natural beauty of rock and stone. It can be cut to almost any size or shape, and comes in a myriad of colors and patterns. You probably remember the old indoor/outdoor carpet. It has been improved upon greatly and has special finishes which help to resist water and stains.

• Vinyl- Vinyl is also a good choice for your kitchen flooring when it comes to comfort and easy maintenance at the same time. There is special padding that can be layered below the surface of your vinyl floor so that it is very comfortable indeed. The colors, patterns, and choices are many.

• Natural Wood- Natural wood has been used for centuries in the kitchen as a flooring. It is a little more giving then a lot of other flooring surfaces such as concrete and natural stones. Wood does require a little more care in the kitchen, but has natural properties made especially for walking on. It will also raise the value of your kitchen. Natural stones, such as granite and marble will also raise the value of your kitchen area, but they are very stable like concrete and will wear your feet out faster in the work areas of your kitchen.

Which Kitchen Floor Will You Choose for Comfort?

Compare all of these different kitchen floors and decide what is best for you and your kitchen. Remember you do not need to have all of one type of floor in your kitchen. You can differentiate the work areas in your kitchen very stylishly with kitchen floors for comfort placed and designed perfectly for your kitchen decor.